SUBSTANCE is a spatial sound work that consists of continually morphing sonic forms. Just as we begin to recognise a sound source, it becomes something else, forever manipulating the audience’s perception while creating surreal sequences of sonic events. Sound itself becomes a shape-shifting liquid, a deceptive physical substance that infects the listener’s ears as it mutates throughout the acoustic space. SUBSTANCE presents the true nature of sound as an unstable material that can be squeezed, sliced, obscured, and transformed into anything at any given moment. At the same time, the nature of our listening is revealed to us as an equally sensitive and malleable part of our perception.

SUBSTANCE was performed through live sound diffusion over 12 speakers at Murmurations, Black Box Multimedia Space, RMIT University. It was also exhibited as a 12-channel installation as part of RMIT University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours graduate exhibition.

SUBSTANCE, live sound diffusion, Murmurations, Black Box Multimedia Space, RMIT University, 10.10.2018
Video by Patrick Hay